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Big Ed’s Restaurant: Serving Great Food in Hamilton!

Since 2007, Big Ed’s Restaurant has been serving great quality food in Hamilton, Ontario, including jumbo wings and the best burgers in the city. Enjoy a friendly and casual atmosphere that is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger. Stop by for a drink (we are licensed to serve alcohol) or challenge a friend to a game of pool on our new table!

Try it all—everything on the menu is good! We are passionate about food and want to bring you the best dining experience possible, so stop by and enjoy. We also offer takeout and delivery.

MOOTINE: We are the proud inventors of the Mootine! So if you are looking for the original, you can find it at Big Ed’s Restaurant.

3 POUND BURGER! For anyone brave enough and hungry enough, Big Ed’s offers a mountainous 3 pound burger. We have had many challengers try to finish our burger, and have placed pictures of those who succeeded on our walls to commemorate the event. Think you’re up to the challenge? Come in and try your luck!